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Terms Of Rental


Minimum age : 21 for all categories.
Driving license: the driver must be held for at least 2 years driving license valid.


A- settlement of the property:

Payment of the rent: regulation of the estimated amount of the rental will be required to pick up the vehicle.
It can be made by credit card, bank checks , traveler checks or cash.

Internet regulation: if you made the payment on our website, the booking confirmation prepaid serves as pre- payment for the duration and the amount shown on it.
Any service not listed on his form will be charged to pick up the vehicle.

B- Deposit

Whatever  payment been used, a security deposit equal to the amount of the deductible will be required .
This deposit shall only be made by credit card in the name and surname of the tenant.

- 750 euros for categories  A2, B1, B1_D , B2_D, B3
- 1210 euros for B2 category
-1500 euros for category C2
-1800 euros for categories C2_Bis, C3, D1,D2
- 2000 euros for SP category.

(Amount in EUR all taxes included)

     3) RATES

Included in the rates :
- unlimited mileage
- insurance liability and accidents causes to third parties
- damage insurance and theft
- People- insurance assistance and transported.

Not included in the rates :
- fuel
- Damages to tires, rims or punctures.
- Damages under the car
- Loss of keys
- Towing charges except in case of failure
- Contraventions
- Cleaning fees


- seat and baby booster : 3€/ day with a maximum of 32€
- Additional conductor : 3€/ day with a maximum of 32 €
- GPS : 5€/ day with a maximum of 40€


You also have the option to partially redeem a franchise accident through:
-3€/ day for classes A2, B1, B1_D , B2_D, B3. The franchise will be 304,9 €
- 4,57€/ day for classes B2, C2. The franchise then will be 590€
- 6,57€/ day for classes C2, C2_bis, C3, D1, D2. Then the franchise is of 890€.

(Amount in EUR , All taxes included)


A- Time

The minimum rental period is defined per 24 hours. Any excess thereof beyond 90 minutes will result in a charge of one additional day.

B - Extension

In case of extension , the tenant must submit to the agency before the end of his contract in order to regularize. The rent, however, reserves the right to refuse the extension of the lease.
Unless authorized by the owner extension, the failure to return the vehicle to the scheduled return date constitutes a misuse exposing the tenant lawsuits.

C - Return

The vehicle must be returned with the full or the same level as the start.
Otherwise, we will charge you the price of missing fuel at the rate applicable in our agency.
Any vehicle returned outside of business hours remains the responsibility of the tenant.
Time to release the vehicle to end the contract and determine the amount of the invoice will be the time of the next opening's agency.